Petition: Put All My Children on DVD!

Petition: Put All My Children on DVD!
Fill Out the form below if you want All My Children episodes, from the beginning of time, put on DVD for you to get!
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As we all know All My Children is going to be online *sigh* Which is a bad thing. So, a fan had an idea that they make a DVD for soaps from the Begin of time, with different seasons, and you can buy them! Here is what she said.."So my daughter has this great idea that I think somebody needs to put into action. All My Children needs to be put on DVD. All the way back to the beginning. They can do a boxed set for each month of play with a weeks worth of shows per disc. I would buy it and I bet many others would too. The young people are curious as to how things happened and the older veterens would like to revisit old friends and see the ones they missed while doing things like having babies, going to school, or working.Who is on board with this?" -Eve Sanchez. I automatically jumped on the idea, and decided to start a petition! SIGN ABOVE!